8001314150 who called me
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Short mobile number: 001-314-150, (001) 314-150
International format phone number: +1 001-314-150 or 1 001 314 150
Bad - do not answer the incoming call from this phone number, the caller can spoil your mood, waste your time or be a fraudster! If you constantly receive incoming calls from this phone number, we recommend that you block it using the number blocking function from your phone or answer the call at your own risk and risk, but in no case transfer your confidential data and don't transfer money to them.
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1:36pm July 5th 2018: 18001687417 4:20pm July 5th 2018: 18001134165 4:57pm July 5th 2018: 18001314150 Called me 3 times yesterday and left the same message from each phone number. My number is currently registered on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) and has been listed since 07-05-2014. Can I report these numbers??? The message was: Courtesy call before we are unable to lower your credit card interest rate. Press 1 to speak to member services department or press 2 and your eligibility to lower your interest rate will expire.
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Caller is claiming to be with the DMV. Calling about a car I no longer own. The individual asked me about my car, but could provide me with no info about my vehicle. Seemed very sketchy. It seemed like an attempt at a scam ...
I received a text saying they were from the Snap program.. I called the local DCF number (561) 837-5078 and the worker stated she doesnt know anything about this. BE CAREFUL, call your local DCF office and inquire about this. This is SCAM to try to get Disabled peoples Information..
Today they called from this phone number, suggested that I invest somewhere, and also pay money, as a guarantee that I am interested in their offer. I just hung up ...
Its a Central Penn Blood Bank. They certainly are not scammers :)
I have a missed call from this phone number at 3 am, I do not answer unknown calls ..
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