5121484807 who called me
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Short mobile number: 121-484-807, (121) 484-807
International format phone number: +1 121-484-807 or 1 121 484 807
Bad - do not answer the incoming call from this phone number, the caller can spoil your mood, waste your time or be a fraudster! If you constantly receive incoming calls from this phone number, we recommend that you block it using the number blocking function from your phone or answer the call at your own risk and risk, but in no case transfer your confidential data and don't transfer money to them.
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I have googled this number several times because it has a weird space between +51 21484807. Under the caller list, it says Peru. Pretty sure it's a scam
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This number called my parents' landline and a "Mrs. Brown" left a voicemail message for me stating that she was calling due to "bank fraud" that I supposedly had committed. First of all, I never committed bank fraud. Secondly, it is against the law for them to disclose any specific information. They would only be allowed to say it was regarding a "personal matter" or a "personal legal matter". I looked the number up yesterday and found multiple people stating that this number is a scam. I subsequently blocked the number from being able to call my parents' number. This woman scared my mother (87yo) into believing the I was in serious legal trouble. She's lucky that my mother doesn't have a heart condition or I would be suing them for her having a heart attack and possibly dying as a result of this call. Shut these people down!
I have 1 missed call from this phone number. But unfortunately I do not know who it is and I do not call back to unknown numbers ...
Disgusting call at 10:36 pm and when answered says “goodbye” click!
Today I got a call from a girl with a Spanish accent from this phone number. She said she was conducting a poll from the International Hotel Group.
A foreign man portraying an attorney representing the FCC to notifying me that i had just won the Florida lottery back in 2012 and asked if i was notified via email or mail. STRANGER DANGER...... DO NOT GIVE OR CONFIRM ANY CREDENTIALS. Hang up and block caller.
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