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neutral review about the phone number 418-839-3002
Steve Mc Lean
15:23 2020-03-02
Unwanted Solicitation. Almost harassing with, nasty comments when the answering party does not seem, to kindly opened to their unsolicited, inopportune calls. at anytime of the day or evening. I was designated as an ''aggressor'' for the way I talked to him.
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con. proclaimed got security problems in merchant services for credit card. WebAndNet does not accept credit cards.
BEWARE! This is an automated SCAM to collect steal personal information from Autotrader private sellers. The voice message will indicate that you need to log in and enter your account info to reactivate your Autotrader listing. DO NOT log in through the fake site that the caller provides! This is how they will steal your identity.
She cussed me out. litteraly :(
you must leave a message our dont call this number
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