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Short mobile number: 2137052053, (213) 705-2053
International format phone number: +1 213-705-2053 or 1 213 705 2053
Region: California
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negative review about the phone number 213-705-2053
00:28 2020-02-23
9th St, Portsmouth
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Recorded voice was purportedly "Amanda" offering to lower rates.
Hi My name is death number can buy a house in the neighborhood actually just another 1 in the area and looking to buy a property in this neighborhood I don't know if you have any interest in selling and if not no need to call me back but if you have any interest in selling even in the near future feel free to give me a call back you know I'd be looking for easy sale just paying cash buying the property as no repair specs and accept I can close in your time frame so whatever time or expense for you to close or move out of the property I'd be willing to negotiate with you on that you can reach me at 951-399-2494 if you're not interested no need to call me back but if you are once again my phone number is 951399249 Thanks a lot.
Hi this is Lori and I'm on a recorded line can you hear me OK.
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