7018090192 , 1 701 809 0192 , 701-809-0192 , 17018090192 who called me from North Dakota
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Short mobile number: 701-809-0192, (701) 809-0192
International format phone number: +1 701-809-0192 or 1 701 809 0192
Region: North Dakota
Good - the owner of this number most likely will not bring you any inconvenience or a spoiled mood, perhaps they are calling you for some business or this is your familiar person. You can safely answer this incoming call :)
positive review about the phone number 17018090192
I have 2 missed calls from this phone number, he did not leave a voice message ...
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I do not know who this is and I can not find any information about this phone number, help me find any information ...
Today they called from this phone number, suggested that I invest somewhere, and also pay money, as a guarantee that I am interested in their offer. I just hung up ...
They say that they are the Police Officers Alliance Fundraiser. But this lies, this is a fake organization!
I have 4 missed from this phone number. I do not know who this is, he did not leave a message ...
This number called my parents' landline and a "Mrs. Brown" left a voicemail message for me stating that she was calling due to "bank fraud" that I supposedly had committed. First of all, I never committed bank fraud. Secondly, it is against the law for them to disclose any specific information. They would only be allowed to say it was regarding a "personal matter" or a "personal legal matter". I looked the number up yesterday and found multiple people stating that this number is a scam. I subsequently blocked the number from being able to call my parents' number. This woman scared my mother (87yo) into believing the I was in serious legal trouble. She's lucky that my mother doesn't have a heart condition or I would be suing them for her having a heart attack and possibly dying as a result of this call. Shut these people down!
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